Sonic Alert Sonic-connect 2

In this digital age that we’re in right now, we are continuously bombarded with information. Going online surely gives up with such an experience. We get news now almost in real time on the Web. We get messages from friends and colleagues that we sometimes do not notice. It can sometimes even be an important one that we just somehow overlook until it is too late. But with the Sonic Alert Sonic-connect 2 device, this will no longer be a problem.

The Sonic Alert Sonic-connect 2 is a device that allows users to organize the online messages that come their way from various online sources. There can be messages coming from Skype via an incoming call. There can be messages from different instant messaging services. There can be emails and tasks to organize. Sonic-connect 2 can help you organize all these by providing you with alerts every time such online messages arrive.

The Sonic-connect 2 device can notify you whenever a new message, email or even a scheduled Outlook task comes in. The device comes with an extra bright white LED light to notify you visually that there is an online message coming in. If that won’t get your attention, there is also a strobe flash as well as a Red LED waiting message lights that will help out. In addition, a loud ringer and vibration will make sure that you are duly alerted. All you need to do is to connect the device to any available USB port. The device currently works only on Windows-run computers. The Sonic Alert Sonic-connect 2 is available at Sonic Alert for US$50.

Image Source: Sonic Alert

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