Sonamba Wellbeing Monitoring System

Getting old can sometimes lead you to forget things more and more. You can easily forget important tasks to do and might require frequent reminders from time to time. It’s a good thing that technology may be able to help people in this aspect with devices like the Sonamba Wellbeing Monitoring System.

The Sonamba Wellbeing Monitoring System can do more than just remind you of important things that you need to do or remember. This device is a multi-feature monitoring system aimed for aging seniors. Sonamba is designed as a handy device that can provide functions like medication and appointment reminders for forgetful users.

The Sonamba can also be used as a communication tool with its built-in text messaging function. It can also monitor motion and sound activity and can send automatic alerts to loved ones or to cellphones of Support Circle members of the user. It also has a Panic Button that can alert and notify people in case of an emergency. It also works as a good photo album as well as contain built-in games that can help entertain users. The Sonamba Wellbeing Monitoring System unit is available at Sonamba for US$460. Data plan which includes text messaging and alerts and other additional features may cost around US$39 per month.

Image Source: Sonamba

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