Solos Smart Glasses For Fitness

Well the introduction of smart glasses a few years ago might be a case of having too high expectations. While it did bring in the excitement when the popular ones came out, it failed to gather enough momentum to spur interest and start off an ordering spree from the consumer market. And since then smart glasses haven’t been shaking up the market as many expected. But then, some companies are still trying to develop their own version of smart glasses that people may finally embrace. In the area of fitness, there is this new Solos Smart Glasses being introduced.

Fitness Smart Glasses

The Solos Smart Glasses is designed with the sports and fitness consumer in mind. It is also marketed as the world’s lightest augmented reality smart glasses. It comes with integrated features that provide critical information through sight and sound. The heads-up Pupil display on the Solos Smart Glasses provides users with a more natural way to access and communicate performance data while on the go, without the need to break stride, look down, or lose focus.

The 4mm display provides a bright, high resolution and full-color graphics in a large virtual screen that enables see-through and see-around vision. This allows users to view key performance information while still keeping their eyes on the road.

The Solos Smart Glasses also keeps a balance in terms of function, style and comfort. It comes with audio projection speakers embedded in the headset as well as in-ear headphones to allow users to keep form while listening to music. Interchangeable lenses and adjustable nose piece provide added customization. The smart glasses are also compatible with iOS, Android smartphones, and Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches. The Solos Smart Glasses is now available at their website for $499.

Image Source: Solos Wearables


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