Solitude with Linx Audio Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Solitude with Linux Audio Active Noise Cancelling HEadphones
The Solitude Linx Headset is the latest model of the Plane Quiet Solitude series of noise reducing headphones: the Solitude and Solitude 2. This new model promises an interesting add-on feature which claims to improve sound quality that will also cater to people who have some hearing loss. This feature is called Linx audio processing.

The new Linx version of the Solitude headphones also have a softer, more comfortable material used in the earcup surrounds. This seals the headphone to your ear, providing slightly better passive sound blocking.

The only problem with the Linx audio processing feature is that it’s hardly detectable, meaning no distinct difference could be traced with the older versions of Solitude. It could be the anti-hiss sound, but I doubt this is what it really refers. Probably because we don’t have hearing loss or that the effect of the Linux audio processing is relatively unclear.

What’s important is that this new feature didn’t diminish the quality of sound which is a standard in the earlier versions. And that the price remains the same ($200).

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