SolidMicro PadPower iPad Case And External Battery

With the Apple iPad steadily getting popular, a slew of different accessories have been made to complement its use. There are now iPad stands, iPad casings, and other accessories to add some bit of convenience to iPad users. In the case of the new SolidMicro PadPower, it is a protective casing and external battery in one.

The SolidMicro PadPower is a sturdy iPad casing that also acts as an external battery for added power for this popular tablet PC. It can handily protect your valuable iPad from scratches and some accidental drops. But aside from that, the PadPower casing also contains a 6000mAh battery 2.4 times the size of the onboard battery of the iPad. This is encased in a slim profile that still makes your iPad maintain its sleek look. The SolidMicro PadPower is currently available for pre-orders and is expected to cost around 12,800 Japanese Yen or around US$157.

Image Source: SolidMicro

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