SOLiCharger Solar iPhone Charger

solicharger solar

Charge your iPod Touch or iPhone while working on that leathery, celebrity-like tan of yours with SolLight’s compact solar charger, the SOLiCharger. Weighing only 1.4 oz, this small and lightweight Lithium-ion battery pack sleekly slips onto your iPhone, providing about 50% full charge, good for quite a few hours of use. You can just slide it on, no need for funky adapters.

Your iPhone can be fully charged in 4 hours when using solar power, while it can be charged in just 2 hours when using a USB port. It can also be charged using an Apple compatible car charger. You can even plug the SOLiCharger into your iPhone and charge both of them simultaneously. You can also use your iPhone while it is charging.

With the charger’s built-in LEDs, you will know when it is charging, when it is full, or when it is supplying power to your iPhone. If you are a travel person, then the SOLiCharger is perfect for you. You can bring it along on long flights or camping when there power is not available. This simple and tough charger comes in black or white. Price: $39.95.

Image Source: SolLight

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