Solenica Lucy Natural Lighting System

LucyNatural lighting from the is always the best option you have when it comes to making your home interiors shine. But it is not always possible in spreading natural light in all corners of the home. But it always pays to take advantage of trying to introduce natural light inside your home as much as possible. This ingenious Solenica Lucy Natural Lighting System can do just that.

The Solenica Lucy is a robotic lighting system that helps provide natural lighting from the sun into more areas of your home. It does not carry a light bulb but a mirror instead that reflects sunlight wherever you may need it. The robot is able to follow the sun throughout the day and uses the mirror to reflect the sunshine into any part of the home that needs some natural lighting. Lucy is solar-powered, taking advantage of the sunlight it follows for some needed power.

Solenica Lucy is an ideal alternative for lighting that you can use instead of the usual light bulb. Not only will you be taking advantage of the benefits of natural lighting into your home, you also get more chances to gather up more vitamin D for your body even while staying inside your home. The Solenica Lucy is currently available for pre-order at the Lucy site for $199.

Image Source: Lucy

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