Solay Crystal Salt Lamps

solay crystal saalt lamps

Something is in the air. No, it may not be love, but many people recognize its health potential – negative ions. Negative ions are invisible, tasteless, and odorless molecules that we breathe in certain environments such as waterfalls, beaches, and mountains. They are good for those who have chronic lung illnesses, asthma and allergies. They also contribute in the enhancement of our emotional well-being, memory, and learning. In addition, negative ions help relieve stress, alleviate depression, and boost our energy.

One of the most environmentally friendly and convenient ways to increase negative ions in your home is by using the low-cost Solay crystal salt lamps. These lamps are not only inexpensive but also excellent sources of negative ions that purify the air you and your pets inhale. The design is outstandingly beautiful as it blends with any environment. Crystal salt lamps are found in many medical treatment centers and holistic spas worldwide.

People can actually feel the difference when they breathe the energized air. According to one very satisfied customer: "I received my second order of salt lamps. They are so beautiful! I have one in my bedroom and it really helps me and my husband sleep better. I have much less congestion and he has fewer problems with apnea. We love it! I bought each of my parents one and one for each of my children as Christmas presents." The crystal salt lamp comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Image Source: Solay

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