Solarpuff Folding Solar Lantern

SolarpuffLight is one of the more important necessities of modern life. We have gone so far from depending on fire as our primary light source. We now have electricity to provide us with light. But sad to say, even in these modern times, there are still many parts of the world that do not have the luxury of modern lighting. Some people in many developing countries still depend on fire for light. But technology can change things when people try to work together. It is now possible to spread modern lighting even in the far-flung areas that still live in the dark, with inventions like the Solarpuff Folding Solar Lantern.

The Solarpuff Folding Solar Lantern is designed for use in areas where lighting is scarce. It is a simple and yet quite a valuable when it comes to having portable lighting while on the go. This lantern follows a folding cube design inspired by Origami technology. People can fold it flat when not in use and unfold it in its cube form when in need of some light. The materials used make it durable and even come with water resistance properties. It can also float and even withstand complete immersion underwater.

The light source for the Solarpuff Folding Solar Lantern comes in the form of 10 bright white LED bulbs powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It also comes with a photovoltaic solar panel built-in that recharges the battery whenever the lantern is placed under sunlight. The Solarpuff Folding Solar Lantern can provide 100 lumens of light for 8 to 12 hours when placed under sunlight for around 8 hours. If you put the lantern under the sun for 5 hours, you still get around 5 to 8 hours of light. Not bad. The Solarpuff Folding Solar Lantern is a convenient lighting solution for people who need to bring a portable light source where one is needed. Campers, people who live off the grid and even poor families can benefit from having a Solarpuff Solar Lantern for a light source. It is currently undergoing a crowd sourcing campaign where a pledge of $25 will get you one Solarpuff Folding Solar Lantern. The makers also allow those who like to help to give pledges to donate Solarpuff lanterns to those living in poverty-stricken areas who need it the most. It is currently available at Kickstarter. The first of the lanterns are expected to be available by June of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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