Solarball Prototype Filters 3 Liters of Water with Sun Power

It is unfortunate that many people around the world are deprived of clean water, which one industrial engineer graduate wants to solve.

Jon Liow, an alumnus of Monash University in Australia, developed the Solarball as his final-year project. It is a spherical solar water filter that can purify up to three liters of water in every usage. The dirty water evaporates and condenses as drinkable water, leaving all the bad stuff in another chamber.

Liow said that the idea of creating the Solarball sprang as he visited Cambodia in 2008.

“Seeing the immense lack of everyday products we take for granted, I was inspired to use my design skills to help others,” Liow said in an interview.

The working prototype of Solarball has been featured in numerous design fairs and television shows in Australia. It was also a finalist in the 2011 Australian Design Awards.

Source: Monash University, via CrunchGear

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