Solar Vest Charger

Solar Vest Charger

Talk about using renewable energy while on the go. In case you need to bring along with you a charger for your gadgets without putting them in your pocket, you can wear them instead. Here is a unique solar vest from China that you can find some good use of.

If you’re after function versus style with what you wear when you go out, then this unique solar vest can become a part of your wardrobe. It seems to look like any ordinary vest, but it is one that comes with its own solar panels at the back. Four of them are fitted at the upper back portion of the vest. It is capable of providing some much needed power charge for your gadgets as long as the sun is out. Charging your gadget is available in 5V, 6V, 9V, and 12 to 20V options.  Power is being stored on the panels with light indicators in red, yellow and green to tell users how much power has been built up on the solar vest.  This special high tech vest is available for 123 USD at Chinavision.

Image Source: Chinavision

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