Solar-Powered Desk to Liberate Cubicle Bound Hordes

solar powered desk

Want to be like the Jetsons? The flying car is still in the realm of sci-fi, but a solar-powered outdoor workstation is already at the works. Having one is like the best of both worlds. You are working and you are outdoors. How is that for cool?

Mathias Schnyder designed this unique cubicle for people who want more out of their drab office existence and those who just want to be out of the office. The desk could be set up anywhere. It helps if there is direct sunlight, thus you could be able to plug in your laptop at the electric socket located at the middle of the table.

It is made of wood with a solar cell on the roof, thus providing power for itself without you relying on other sources of energy, making it ecology-friendly. You could customize the setup of the seats with of its modular structure.

The solar-powered cubicle is still a concept, so pricing and availability are not accessible for the meantime.

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