Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer

There are times when you might think that your cat is getting bored. You notice your pet just seemingly lazing out on the corner or in his favorite spot in the house. You may realize that he needs some exercise now and then. Aside from letting some mice loose in the home, you may consider using the Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer instead to keep him excited and moving now and then.

The Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer is a way to keep your pet cat a bit active while in the house. It might also help your cat have something to get occupied with while you are away at the office. He might be in the mood for some play and this device may be just what you need.

The Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer is a cat toy that moves and simulates the behavior of prey. It helps keep those felines on alert with the full senses, just like their wild ancestors of old. It comes with a solar panel that powers up the cat toy to make it move. It is located at the back of the base that you stick into a window. When sunlight strikes the solar panel, a connected plastic ball with colorful feathers that dangles by a string on a rod sways and bounces. The unpredictable movement catches the attention of your cat to make him play with it and practice his hunting skills. The rod is detachable for pet owners to use when manually playing with their pet cats. There is also a power switch that deactivates the toy when not in use. The Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$40.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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