Solar Charging LED Flashlight

Solar Charging LED Flashlight

If you are one of those who just can’t get enough of free and renewable solar energy to power your gadgets, you might consider having this Solar Charging LED flashlight at home or in your car. It is a simple device that you might find quite useful during emergencies. And since it is solar powered, you no longer have to worry about batteries whenever you need a flashlight around.

The solar charging LED flashlight is composed of the actual torch and its solar charger casing. You simply place the torch into the charger and let it sit in direct sunlight somewhere to charge it. It is light enough to use even in cramped areas, unlike most of those bulky solar powered flashlights you may have seen before. But then, there is its price to consider before you get too interested. The solar charging LED flashlight costs a steep US$42 at Brando.

Image Source: Brando

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