Solar Cell Tree Charger

Designer Vivien Muller has designed a charger inspired by nature. Vivie Muller’s Solar Cell Tree uses solar panel for leaves which, just like real trees, absorb energy from the sun. Place you Solar Cell Tree where light can reach it and you’ll have a fully charged battery to use for your gadgets – cellphone, camera.

This USB Solar Cell Tree has space for 54 photovoltaic panels which can be rotated to get more output if you find something charging slow.

All the tree charger’s wires are plugged and hidden beneath the electronic "bonsai" tray.

The tree is made up of several modules fitted together by a 3.5 jack connector. Each of the individual parts can be rotated to produce an endless number of different shapes.

The Solar Tree Charger takes a lot less upkeep than your normal houseplant – no watering, no pruning – just sunlight.

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