SOL Water Reservoir

SOL WaterWater is essential to daily life. Many people take clean drinking water for granted since many have it easy and can get it just about anywhere. From bottled to tap water, people can conveniently drink it whenever they want to and not go thirsty. But it can be different in other places of the world. They do not have access to potable water due to lack of sources. And even if there is a water source, it can sometimes be unsafe because of possible contamination. If you have been on a lengthy hike or have gone camping before, certain situations can also make you realize the importance of having safe drinking water. The SOL Water Reservoir bag can help ensure people having the means to drink clean water when the water supply may not be that safe to drink.

This hand water reservoir is made out of a special type of durable plastic that is quite temperature tolerant. This means that is can hold hot water as well as very cold ice. But what makes it valuable is that the material can help disinfect water placed inside it. Just place the water-filled reservoir in the sun and the material lets the UV rays focus on the stored water and kill whatever harmful bacteria and other organism in it.

The SOL Water reservoir also comes with a pop-up drink spout that also supports use of portable water filters, drink tubes and pump filter connectors to purify water before you disinfect it inside the bag. The SOL Water comes in three different sizes- the small Survivalist, the Day Tripper and the 2-liter Backpacker. It is currently conducting a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. A pledge of $3 will get you the small SOL Survivalist hydration pack. A pledge of $10 will get you one SOL Day Tripper pack while a $20 pledge will get you a SOL Backpacker bag.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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