Sol Sport Solar Charging Kit

People with portable devices nowadays also require back up power. It seems that the device battery alone may not be able to provide enough juice when people use them. Let us not forget that most of the time people tend to forget to recharge them when needed. That is why some device users sometimes find themselves with gadgets with not enough power to last the day. Considering that these devices have become essential in daily life, it can sometimes be dreadful ending up with a gadget with no power. Fortunately, there are now back up batteries available for use in such emergencies. This Sol Sport Solar Charging Kit takes it a notch higher by generating the power from the sun as well.

The Sol Sport Solar Charging Kit may just be the best answer to your low power problems. It is a convenient power solution for people who just cannot get enough power for their devices. It features a long lasting rechargeable battery that can provide from three to six hours of extra power for your devices.

This charging kit also comes with a portable solar panel that can generate electricity from the sun. You can use this to charge up the backup battery while on the go. Just simply place the solar panel out in the sun and connected to the backup battery. You can also directly connect your device to the solar panel to recharge it. The kit also comes with a xePico car charger that allows users to recharge the external battery right from a cigarette lighter slot. It comes with a USB slot with a 5V output for quick charging devices.

The Sol Sport Solar Charging Kit also comes in two selections. The Sol Sport 2.5 comes with a 1,350 mAh battery and a solar panel that can generate 2.5W of power when placed in sunlight. The Sol Sport 5 comes with a 2,200 mAh battery and a solar panel that generates 5W of power. Both choices come with a rugged design and with an integrated cover to protect the charging kit from the elements when you bring it along with you everywhere. The Sol Sport Solar Charging Kit is available at ThinkGeek. The 2.5W version costs around US$50 while the 5W version will cost you US$70.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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