Software is the Next Thing in Mobile Phones

Software is the next thing in Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are constantly being upgraded. Cellular phone manufacturers seem to be trying to cram every possible function in one minuscule mobile device. In particular, mobile phone manufacturers are consistent in improving the functionality and connectivity of their mobile phones.

A lot has happened since the advent of colored cell phones. Some mobile giants focus on the quality of the images that their mobile phones can take. Some opt to enlarge the space allotted for and improve the quality of music which can be played on their mobiles. And clearly, cell phone manufacturers are improving their phones’ power, reach and access of the World Wide Web.

Sony Ericsson SE W660

Sony Ericsson W660 walkman is a very elegant-looking phone. It is sleek and is just about the right size. It comes in 2 lovely colors – black and red. Like its predecessors in the Walkman phone family of Sony Ericsson, the sound is superb and is enhanced even more by my the Walkman series’ excellent headsets, which in the case of the W660 is divided into two parts: a wired remote with a 3.5 mm jack and the headsets themselves. It handles java games well has 2 pre-installed games.

Cool features like the photo DJ, video DJ & music DJ allow you to make slide shows and fun music videos and mix your own sound. The video player supports MP4 and 3GP format. Apart from these features though, not much has changed. Resolution is average at best – an average-quality active 262K color TFT display with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels. Texting, calendar, radio and trackID have not undergone any major overhauls.

Obviously, the focus s of the W660, as with all other Sony Ericsson Walkman phone is music, sound. This is probably why less emphasis is given on the camera which is still at 2.0 mega pixels, lacks autofocus and does not have LED or xenon flash.

The menu and navigation is still basically the same except that the device is controlled by 2 keys, the C (delete) and the "back" key. Pre-installed graphic themes allow for customization. The phonebook is huge – it can fit up to 1000 contacts and 2500 phone numbers, but sadly, searching in both fields is impossible.

SE W660 still runs on UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) to power its 3G functions, as most mobile phones do.

3G iPhone

Meanwhile, people at Apple are keeping everybody waiting for the coming of the 3G iPhone. It is said that it will utilize High Speed Downlink Packet Access or HSPDA, one of the most powerful cellular-data technologies ever developed.

Comparing HSPDA and UMTS, UMTS employs a wideband CDMA radio-access technology. The primary benefits of UMTS include high spectral efficiency for voice and data, simultaneous voice and data capability for users, high user densities that can be supported with low infrastructure cost, and support for high-bandwidth data applications.

HSPDA is a tremendous performance upgrade to WCDMA for packet data that delivers peak rates of 14 Mbps and that is likely to increase average throughput rates to about 1 Mbps, a factor of up to three and a half times over UMTS. HSDPA also increases spectral efficiency by a similar factor. Rumors and leaks about the new iPhone features include live-video streaming, 3G and GPS. No word yet as to plans of changing or improving the original features.

iPhone fans however, can rest assured that the rumored upgrade in cellular-date technology will be supported by servers, as several companies are said to be in talks with Apple.


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