Sofi Folding Furniture

Sofi elegant folding furniture features a unique ergonomic design that saves space and is easy to set up the Sofi Folding Lounger.

This Lounger isn’t just designed for style. Its ergonomic shape and high-quality construction give a strong area for lounging. It has lumbar supporting contours and cushions. It will add a beautiful touch to any home or balcony!

The lounger can be set up outdoors or indoors and it’s perfect for small spaces because of the folding design. This Sofi lounger is perfect for the warm summer. It’s crafted from durable polished birchwood and its weather-resistant, UV, and fad protected.

It also saves space in our home as you can fold it up when you need it, rolled flat to store under a bed or in a closet. It also lights enough for anyone to be able to move, fold, and roll. Did I mention the set time is just under 2 minutes?

The Sofi Folding Lounger is priced at $149

Image Source: Kickstarter

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