Social Keyboards SNAK For Avid Facebook Users

With social networks like Facebook already taking a sizable percentage of the time that people spend online, it won’t be far off until devices would be designed and customized to make this type of online activity even more convenient for people. Indeed, even keyboards like the SNAK from Social Keyboards have been customized and designed for the very purpose of exploring Facebook in a more convenient manner.

The Social Keyboards SNAK (Social Network Access Keyboard) is a 104-key keyboard that also features 19 special hot keys for instant access to various Facebook features. The hotkeys are conveniently placed on the sides of the keyboard to make them distinct from the rest of the keys. With the SNAK, Facebook users can easily access their Facebook inbox, photos, privacy settings, notifications, events and a whole lot of other features at just a press of a key. The Social Keyboards SNAK is available at their website for only US$30.

Image Source: Social Keyboards

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