Soccket: A Power-Generating Soccer Ball

We have seen smart basketballs, but this soccer ball is taking its purpose to a much higher good.

SOCCKET looks like your normal association football, but it also works as a portable generator. Take the ball to the field and play it like usual, then it takes all of that kinetic energy from rolling and getting kicked around and converts it into electrical energy.

Soccket comes with a tiny LED lamp that can be plugged into the ball. A 30-minute play with the Soccket can generate enough power to keep the lamp on for three hours.

But Soccket has a higher purpose than just being a novelty item. Its designers aims to bring this gimmicky soccer ball to provide power to developing regions where access to electricity is limited. Soccket is currently undergoing through testing in “resource-pool” areas in North America, South America, and Africa.

Funds to put the Soccket to mass production is being conducted over at Kickstarter, with a starting pledge of $89. As of this writing, the project has received over $24,000, about one-third of its $75,000 goal with 27 days to go.

Source: TechCrunch

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