Snuza Hero Vibrating Baby Monitor

Parents of those adorable babies just can’t help but always show concern most of the time. It is almost natural for many new parents to do so. But there are instances where they cannot always monitor them constantly. In this case, devices like the Snuza Hero Vibrating Baby Monitor to help out.

The Snuza Hero Vibrating Baby Monitor is a handy device that parents can clip into the waistband of a baby’s diaper. What it does is to monitor the baby’s movements. If the motion sensor does not detect movement, it sends out a mild vibration intended to rouse the baby and an audible chime comes out. But if the sensor does not detect any movement yet for 20 seconds, it sends out a louder alarm this time, telling parents that something might be wrong.

The Snuza Hero may be considered as an early warning device of sorts designed for monitoring babies while the parents may be occupied doing something else nearby. The vibrations are subtle enough to cause babies to move but not wake them up rudely from their sleep. This baby monitoring device is available at Snuza for US$106.

Image Source: Snuza

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