Snow Peak Magnetic Lapel Torch

Snow Peak Magnetic Lapel TorchLight is a valuable if not often neglected thing. It is maybe because we live in a lighted world that it has become quite normal and ordinary for many of us to banish the darkness with a simple flip of a switch. People learn to appreciate light’s comfort once they get into an environment where a light source may not be as readily available. Going out in the dark suddenly becomes a scary prospect. But you can always have the Snow Peak Magnetic Lapel Torch handy to light up your way.

The Snow Peak Magnetic Lapel Torch is a hands-free LED light that you can conveniently bring along and use whenever and wherever you need it. You do not even have to handle it with your hand as you can clip it into your shirt, pocket, backpack or any other convenient place, thanks to its powerful magnetic clasp. It offers a super bright light to as high as 70 lumens. It also comes with multiple light modes and is attached to a pocket-sized battery pack via a long cord that can provide full brightness power for as long as 55 hours for every full charge. The body is made of polycarbonate plastic, silicone and aluminum to make it durable. The Snow Peak Magnetic Lapel Torch is ideal for people who need a convenient light source to bring along and ready for use wherever they go. It is available at Snow Peak for $60.

Image Source: Snow Peak

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