Snooper S4 Neo Speed Camera Detector

snooper S4 neo speed camera detector

What sets Snooper S4 apart from other speed camera detectors is its laser detection system. With its 75mm x 105mm x 75mm dimension, it is big enough to carry all of its souped up features, but still minuscule enough not to be noticed from outside the vehicle.

Snooper provides two types of warnings to alert you when a speed trap is nearby. The display is clearly visible, while a load voice informs you the speed limit and the type of trap. The spoken reminder could be replaced by a buzzer sound.

The internal database could accommodate new locations, while regular updates are also provided for download. An extra feature it has is that you could set a customizable speed warning where it would beep when you reach your set speed limit.

The Snooper S4 comes along with a 12-volt cord to power the gadget via the cigarette lighter. It could be mounted at the dashboard by using either a window sucker or a velcro pad.

Although it is one of the few GPS units that could work through heat reflective screens, its most prominent drawback is that it does not have direction information, thus, getting an alert even if the camera is on the other side of the road.

Lastly, it is not only automobile owners who could utilize Snooper S4. Motorbike users can plug a headset to relay the audio warnings to the helmet.

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