Snappgrip Case Converts Smartphones Into Pseudo Digicams

Most people nowadays prefer taking pictures using their smartphones. It is the device that most people would likely use for taking photos simply because it is always the one that’s readily available. And with smartphones coming with better camera sensors, it might be a bit redundant for some people to even own a separate digital camera. What smartphone owners can do instead is check out this unique snappgrip smartphone case for their iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones.

The snappgrip smartphone case is unique because it is designed not just to protect your smartphone but also provide a unique way to transform it into a digital camera of sorts. The casing comes with a camera control unit that can be attached easily into the smartphone case. What it does is create a way for people to take pictures using their smartphones right from a digital camera experience. It syncs with the smartphone via Bluetooth can comes with typical digital camera functions like a shutter button, zoom mode as well as flash function.

With the snappgrip, smartphone photographers can now enjoy that digital camera feel when taking photos or videos. This case is compatible with the recent iPhone models as well as with the Samsung Galaxy SIII. A free downloadable app is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play to allow the snappgrip camera controller to communicate with your smartphone. The snappgrip is currently available for pre-order at around 29 UK Pounds or US$46. Its MSRP when it comes out is expected to be around 69 UK Pounds or around US$99.

Image Source: snappgrip

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