Smith Optics I/O Rimless Snow Goggles

i/o snow goggles

Snow goggles have come a long way when it comes to style and function.  Inspired by the trendy rimless fashion eyewear, Smith Optics created the I/O snow goggles that are not only sleek in design aesthetic, but also has interchangeable goggles.

The I/O snow goggles from Smith Optics features patented vaporator lens technology with a quick-release lens system, so you can put on the ignitor lens on cloudy and stormy days, then pop in the mirror lens during sunny days.  And unlike previous snow goggles with swappable lenses, the I/O lens fits perfectly and locks into place by way of the strap holders and two switches on top.

The fit of I/O snow goggles is perfect for any face structure.  A little foam slit above the nose ensures that the goggles would fit just about any size of nose.  The lens of I/O also never fog, unless if you sweat too much or in a swampy storm. 

Ordering the I/O comes with a protective goggle hard case and a microfiber goggle bag with replacement lens sleeve.  However, not everyone likes to touch their snow goggle lens as switching from one lens to another may leave some fingerprints that affect the appearance of your I/O.

Nevertheless, the I/O makes a convenient way to enjoy your winter activities without the hassle of bringing different snow goggles on different weather conditions.

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