Smash Mute Giant TV Mute Button

There are times when people can only take so much of anything. Take for example, loads and loads of those TV commercials that you have to endure when watching while trying to enjoy a favorite TV show. Having to find the mute button on a remote control can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you wish to use the long commercial period into more quality time by having conversations or simply just to get some temporary quiet time before your favorite show comes back up. In such cases, having the Smash Mute Giant Mute TV Button handy might actually be a good idea.

The Smash Mute Giant Mute TV Button is designed for people who usually use the mute button on their TV remote control to drown out the noise that TV commercials usually bring. It is easy to configure with any type of TV and works to silence the volume when needed. People will no longer need to look for the mute button especially when a sudden need arises. All they need is just to go for the Smash Mute button if they need the luxury of some brief quiet time from TV. Too bad it does not work yet on human blabbermouths. Maybe someday. The Smash Mute Giant TV Button is available at Damn Handy Products for US$25.

Image Source: Smash Mute

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