Smarty Ring: It’s a smart ring that syncs on your phone

Smarty Ring

Smarty Ring

We have already heard of plans to turn boring, useless rings into something that is functional for the 21st Century. Google, for instance, is experimenting on ways on managing passwords using a hardware like a ring worn on the user’s finger.

A startup based in Chennai, India, has developed a smart ring appropriately called “Smarty Ring”, which acts as a remote control and notification platform to smartphones. They have raised over $240,000 on Indiegogo, which is way beyond its fundraising target of $40,000, and now they are set to manufacture is smart ring.

Interested buyers who are late in the crowdfunding period can still avail of the Smarty Ring for a “discount price” of $175 until December 30. You can also get bigger discounts for bulk orders.

Smarty Ring

“Spending more than eight months of technical research, we have finalized the feasible prototype mode,” the group wrote. “We have confirmed the possibilities of manufacturing micro-components with the manufacturing companies and we are all set to go.”

The Smarty Ring works with iOS and Android devices, syncing with the mobile gadget to receive notifications on calls, SMS messages, email, and social media updates. You would be able to look the alerts displayed at the ring and not having to take out your phone from your bag to check updates.

The ring also works as a remote control on a number of smartphone functions like accepting or rejecting calls, using the phone’s camera, and controlling the media player. It comes with a LED screen which shows a clock by default and is also equipped with GPS to track the Smarty Ring in case of theft.

Source: Interaksyon

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