SmartFish Concept Attempts to Swim to the Sky

SmartFish Design Concept

A group of Swiss researchers are developing a new aircraft technology inspired from the aerodynamic shape of a fish.  Aptly called SmartFish, this concept aircraft design features fewer moving parts and a simplified rudder control.

The group has so far only built a scaled-down, remote-control version of SmartFish, although a prototype is already being developed.  The prototype body would be made from Kevlar and carbon fiber, although the designers expect the overall expense of building the vehicle would be lower compared to traditional airplanes.

Preliminary tests have been conducted and the researchers are confident that the SmartFish has many potential advantages compared to conventional aircrafts, especially when it comes to improved efficiency and bigger internal space.

The prototype version is expected to have a ducted fan, two-passenger capacity, and can travel at speeds of up to Mach 1.

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