Smartdisk Flash Trax XT

Smartdisk flash trax XT

In the age of digital filing, and with new formats cropping up every year, it is best that you have a tool that can read any file that you intend to browse be it digital photos, videos, audio, and even data files.

Luckily, you can do that in just one device.

Smartdisk Flash Trax XT is a patented, palm-sized, portable multimedia player. It can transfer, store, and share your pictures, videos, audio, and data files. It also can capture and store photos from memory cards using a one-touch Copy key, a video recorder, as well as a radio. You can even download multimedia files onto its built-in hard disk drive.

It is an ideal multimedia tool, which you can use as an alternative to bulky laptops-although its weight can be a bit heavy for some. It also does not accept memory cards of more than 1 Gigabyte (it would sometimes work with a 2G card, but only on rare occasions).

Nevertheless, it is one of the best media players available in the market.

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