Intellitoys and Kids Preferred has develop a brilliantly cuddly way for your child to learn and have fun, and at the same time be exposed to technology in a way that is safe and enjoyable for him/her.

Introducing Smart-E-bear. A cute play time companion that turns into your child’s learning buddy just by connecting it to a computer using an internet connector. Your child can interact with his/her smart-e-bear by pressing the hands and feet.

Smart-E-Bear Features

Smart-E-bear maybe the smartest toy you could ever get your child. It can call your child’s name, sing songs and tell stories based on your child’s interests, play games, immerse your child in adventures that let your child decide on the story and interact with your child in other languages

It is preloaded with songs and stories which mean it is ready to play straight out of the box. You can also add more songs and stories by connecting to the internet using the included smart-e-software and Internet connector.

Smart-E-Bear is perfect for any child of any age, anytime, any activity. The smart-e-software make it possible for your kid (or you) to transform smart-e-bear from a playtime companion to bedtime story teller to just about anything.

Customized Smart-E-bear

You can customize you smart-e-bear however you want. It has thousands of songs to choose from, a library of traditional stories and has a unique interactive smart-e-tales which enables your child to decide the story’s outcome. Smart-e-bear knows how to play Simon Says and can be easily added new educational games. It also has theme-based activities and activity packs available.

Grows with Your Child

Smart-e-bear is designed as such that it will respond to your child’s changing tastes. Its age-appropriate songs and stories are arranged by activities and themes, making it easier for your child to choose and remain interested. Smart-e-bear knows how best to interact with children of different ages. For the youngest child, smart-e-bear has simple shuffle modes. Easy interactive games and activities for older children, and more sophisticated activities, games and lessons for the even advanced kids to remain interest and entertained.

Activity Packs

Activity packs allow you to customize your groups of stories, songs and games around your child’s favorite topics and themes. Activity packs also make it easy for smart-e-bear to transform from sing-along playtime buddy to storyteller. You can customize your own activity packs by choosing an activity and the songs that you like, or you can buy ready-made activity packs to keep your list fresh.

All of these, plus the fact that your child can hug and cuddle this smart gadget makes it one of the best toys you can give to him or her

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