Smart Dog USB Hub

Smart Dog USB Hub

If fun gadgets is what you are looking for, then you must have an eye for unique and creatively designed goodies. It may not matter to you if its just a simple PC mouse or a unique PC add-on. Just as long is it is something fun and out of this world, then it might be worth a try. The Smart Dog USB Hub might be something that you would have in mind.

This unique looking Smart Dog USB Hub may be something that you have not seen in a long while. Picture a USB hub designed to look like a dog and you have for yourself an interesting piece of eye candy. But it is more than just that. It is not called a Smart Dog for nothing.

This little dog of a gadget is a four port USB hub. This hub actually helps make it easier for you to make use of the USB slots in your PC by not stooping down and connecting your USB device onto the back of your CPU. And for that purpose, this Smart Dog USB Hub might just become your new best friend. But that’s not all.

The Smart Dog USB Hub also works as a miniature radio. The dog’s head is a detachable speaker that you can use separately for your other audio devices. It also has LED lighting and is powered using two AA batteries. If your PC already has a mouse, why not add this loving hi-tech pooch to keep you company?

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