SM-28 Skymaster Portable Weather Data Device

SM 28 Skymaster

Have you ever wondered how you could get some instant weather data when you need it while on the go? The best thing would be bringing along your own weather instruments with you wherever you go but that would not be realistic, right? With the SM-28 Skymaster, you will become your own weather station without the hassle.

The SM-28 Skymaster is a portable weather measuring unit that fits into the palm of your hand. It is designed into a jackknife casing and weighs only 3.9 oz which makes it quite handy enough to bring along anywhere. Its size does not in any way limit the amount of weather data that it can provide for you.

The SM-28 Skymaster is equipped with its own wind and weather meter, barometer, humidity sensor, temperature and more. Weather readings are made directly from where you are as opposed to just relying on weather reports you get from radio or TV. It is a handy tool to have for people who really need to know weather conditions day in and day out such as sailors, weathermen or just simply people who wants to ensure going out on fair weather. The SM-28 Skymaster is available at Speedtech for US$189.

Image Source: Speedtech Instruments

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