Slot Type Power Outlet

Power outlets and power strips can have the problem of having only a limited number of slots to plug in devices. From what you can see with most of the commonly used outlet designs, there can be some space wasted in between slots. A designer from Yanko Design may have noticed this and designed a unique Slot Type Power Outlet.

The Slot Type Power Outlet is designed differently in that it provides a seemingly long single slot where devices can be plugged in. Instead of separate socket outlets to plug in your devices, users can swipe in the plug into the slot for power. This way, there are no spaces wasted as plugs can be swiped in and stay side by side to accommodate more plugged-in devices if needed. It is quite a unique concept for a power strip that should’ve been thought of a long time ago. Unfortunately, the Slot Type Power Outlet remains only that, a concept, for now. Who knows if some manufacturers would really get into the idea of mass producing it someday?

Image Source: Yanko Design

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