Slingbox SOLO TV Tuner

slingbox solo

Anyone can now get a High Definition quality of picture anytime, anywhere in the world with the portable Slingbox SOLO. All you have to do is to bring it with you as it is very much compatible to connect with the Basic Cable TV Set-top Box, Digital Cable Set-top Box, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), TIVO, HD Component Input Support with Resolution until 1081, Apple TV, Windows Media Center, Satellite Receiver and DVD Player.

The technology has a Component Video Input/Output, Composite Video Input/Output and Audio Input/Output. By the looks of it, this piece of artistically designed technology can really work with almost every available device meant for quality viewing.

Unlike any DVR or HD receiver wherein you still have to pay monthly fees for its feature the Slingbox SOLO does not and will not charge you anything. Its HD Component Input one of a kind giving you your moneys worth. For more information with regard to the nearest retail store in your area for you to grab some of these interesting gadgets please do visit

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