Sony teases slimmest PlayStation device in London

Slimmest PlayStation teaser

Slimmest PlayStation teaser

Sony Entertainment has distributed flyers to select journalists and bloggers in the United Kingdom, inviting them to witness a PlayStation event in London on January 30. They were told that the company will unveil the “slimmest Playstation device”, but did not tell them whether it will be a launch for a completely new product.

Engadget speculates that it may have to do with the UK launch of the PlayStation Vita TV, which was formally unveiled last year. It is the slimmest PlayStation in the market today at only 13.6mm thick and is currently available exclusive in Japan.

It is also speculated to be the local launch of PlayStation 4 or a much slimmer PlayStation Vita. The current Vita stands in at 15mm in thickness.

Source: Engadget

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