The Slimmest Under Pillow Speaker

The Slimmest Under Pillow SpeakerSome people love to go to sleep while listening to their favorite tunes. It may even be just listening to audio books until they doze off into dreamland. Wearing headphones or earphones can sometimes be uncomfortable. They tend to fall off during sleep. Desk speakers can sometimes be too bulky or too loud for comfort. Having one near the pillow may be the best option. This Slimmest Under Pillow Speaker may just be the answer.

The Slimmest Under Pillow Speaker is an ideal companion if you wish to have some soothing audio to accompany you as you doze off to sleep. It is a pair of powerful full-range speakers placed inside a slim and padded housing designed for placing beside or under your pillow. It comes with a tethered controller that users can clip to a pillowcase for easy adjustment of the speakers’ volume and other functions. You can connect any audio device to it using a 3.5mm cable. But that is not all.

The Slimmest Under Pillow Speaker also comes preloaded with soothing sounds to help you doze off. You can choose from several relaxing nature sounds such as blowing leaves, a gentle rain shower or a running stream. You can even download your choice tracks into the device if you so wish. The device also comes with a sleep timer that gradually reduces the volume and shuts off after an hour. The Slimmest Under Pillow Speaker is available Hammacher Schlemmer for $50.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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