Slice Ceramic Box Cutter with Manual 3-Position Blade

Slice Ceramic Box Cutter

Slice Ceramic Box Cutter

Do you know that labor industry statistics in the United States indicate that a quarter of a million serious hand, finger, and wrist injuries are recorded every year. A significant percentage of which is caused by mishandling box cutters, and as its metal blades go dull, the higher the chances of getting injured.

Slice, known for its ceramic-based cutting tools, has an award-winning box cutter in its arsenal. The Slice Ceramic Box Cutter comes with a patent-pending, non-slip handle that protects your hand as it wraps around your fist. Meanwhile, the cutter’s housing limits the amount of exposed ceramic blade to reduce the chance of injury.

Slice Ceramic Box Cutter

Designed by Scot Herbst and Alfredo Muccino, this 2011 Red Dot Design Award winner comes with a double-sided, hand-sharpened blade with a rounded tip for safety purposes. The blade is fully retractable and adjustable, while the handle also comes with a 3-position manual button

Commonly made from zirconium dioxide, ceramic blades have sharpness levels that last up to ten times longer than steel. These blades are non-conductive, anti-magnetic, and rust-proof. However, don’t even think of taking it with you at the airport, since it is standard practice to include a little bit of metal on the ceramic blade to make them detectable.

The Slice Ceramic Box Cutter enables you to open boxes quickly and safely for longer. You can get one of these for only $19.99. Separate replacement blades are available in packs of four, also costing $19.99.

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