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smart pillow

smart pillowPeople nowadays have many options available when it comes to getting some good shuteye at night. Two challenges people face when it comes to sleep is how to get to sleep and how to maintain it. There are a lot of methods employed to help people get to sleep. The ZEEQ Smart Pillow introduces a new and unique way to do just that.

High Tech Pillow

The new ZEEQ Smart Pillow is more than just an ordinary pillow. It comes with smart features that aim to help people get some sound sleep. It records and monitors your sleeping pattern and sends the data

on an accompanying smartphone app. It also comes with motion sensors that records your movement during sleep. Thus allows the smart pillow to calculate the amount of deep sleep you get every day.

The ZEEQ Smart Pillow also features 8 micro speakers that use Bluetooth technology to stream your favorite music to help you go to sleep at night. You can also choose the custom binaural sounds that come with the pillow to help you drift off to sleep. The microphone and motion sensor also work together to record and monitor your snoring, gently rouses you up with soft vibrations to encourage you to a new sleeping position.

The ZEEQ pillows also feature a washable Tencel fabric, which is a wood-based fabric that prevents the growth of bacteria naturally. The ZEEQ Smart Pillow will help you get a better insight on your sleeping habits as well asrem- help contribute to a more improved sleeping experience. This smart pillow is now available at the Rem-Fit site and selected retailers for 249 UK Pounds or around $311.

Image Source:     PR Newswire

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