Sleep Better With The White Noise Machine

Many people find it difficult sleeping at night. Sometimes the problem is due to the noise that one hears in the background. Even though such noises do not sound deafening, they still make it so hard for some people to sleep. Many insomniacs are quite sensitive to the noises that it keeps them awake all night. You can try to mask the noises using white noise to negate them to enable you to relax and sleep. You can use this White Noise Machine just for this very purpose.

The White Noise Machine is a portable device that comes with a speaker. It provides users the option to choose from a number of white noise sounds. White noise is what experts call a type of noise that combines all the different sound frequencies that the human ear can hear into a single audio signal. This portable device has all the audio frequencies you can hear, making it useful in masking other irritating background noises. You can use the White Noise Machine to mask the annoying sound you hear in the background. By drowning out the disturbing noise while using the device, the White Noise Machine can help you sleep better at night. It can also help you focus more in your job when you use it at the office. It takes care of reducing that disturbing noise and leaves you with some relaxing noise instead.

The White Noise Machine comes with 10 different sound options ranging from higher to lower pitch tones. You can choose from the different tones to find which one can mask that annoying background noise more effectively. You can either use it at the office to improve focus at work or beside your bed to help you sleep better at night.

Aside from that, you can also use the device as a speaker for your portable music player or mobile phone. It features a headphone jack as well as an input jack for mobile devices if you want to take advantage of its speaker option. You can plug it directly into an AC outlet or you can power it using a micro USB adapter. The White Noise Machine is available at Sharper Image for US$60.

Image Source: Sharper Image

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