Sleek Audio SA6 Earphones

Sleek Audio's SA6

Great innovations are right up our alley as earphone systems are also up and ready with innovations. Sleek Audio introduces the SA6, the first completely adjustable earphone available in your local gadget stores.

Simply pick the treble you desire, sit back, and feel the rhythm of the music as you get lost in its magic. This is a perfect addition in your audio and video accessories, one that you should not miss putting in your collection box.

One reason to switch to the SA6 is the comfort it can bring because the SA6 is pretty comfortable to use and it doesn’t hurt and strain your ears no matter how long you’ve had it on.

The SA6 comes in various size tips. It’s a magnificent piece that you can wear with the cord up over the ear, down the ear, or upside down with the cable lying at the cheek. Cool and hip, isn’t it?

Indulge in a great listening experience by purchasing this great find. Prices are set at $249.99.

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