Slancio Lazer Guide Safety Light For Bikes

Riding a bike has its own share of appeal among the constantly moving crowd. As a means of personal transport, bikes are most considered to be eco-friendly and a fitness tool as well. But a disadvantage of riding bikes is that they may be prone to accidents especially when riding a bike in city roads and at night. But this can always be remedied by having devices like the Slancio Lazer Guide Safety Light for bikes.

The Slancio Lazer Guide Safety Light for bikes can help provide some added safety features to your bike when you use it to get around the area where you live, especially at night. It comes with a cluster of red LED lights that flashes as a safety light for bike riders at night. But aside from that, this safety light also comes with a pair of lasers that light up and provide a visible virtual lane for the bike, creating a safe space from which other bikers and motorists can immediately be aware of and avoid getting too close. What makes it an interesting addition to your bike is that it is quite affordable at US$20. Interested bikers can check it out at Rockbros for further details.

Image Source: Slancio

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