SkyTrek Vertically Opening Smart Luggage

Traveling the world has become quite easier nowadays than ever before. Notwithstanding visa issues now and then, people can virtually travel conveniently to many countries all around the world. There are now people who call themselves as digital nomads. Exploring the world is their primary mission in life. Then there are also the business travelers who has made a career out of traveling in airplanes for business meetings and networking here and there. With such a lifestyle, certain problems can also crop up now and then. There are always on the risk of losing their luggage along the way. Having the SkyTrek Vertically Opening Smart Luggage can help avoid that.

The SkyTrek Vertically Opening Smart Luggage is ideal for the frequent traveler. It is not your typical luggage where you store and secure your valuable items for travel. It has several security and safety features to ensure every traveler’s peace of mind. First off, the SkyTrek features a vertical opening which allows users to open it up while it is standing up. There is no need to let it lie flat on the ground or table in order to check what’s inside. Interior storage covers are included to provide full privacy when opening it up.

The SkyTrek Vertically Opening Smart Luggage also comes with new security features like fingerprint and FaceID TSA locks. There is no need to remember codes and passwords to open up your bag. This smart luggage also comes with an Anti-Lost alarm, thanks to its built-in proximity sensor. Simply sync your SkyTrek to your smartphone. It will notify or alert you if you breach beyond the proximity distance you’ve set between you and your luggage. This way, you won’t have the mistake of leaving your luggage behind.

But that is not all. The SkyTrek Vertically Opening Smart Luggage also addresses other lost luggage issues with its global tracking system features. It makes use of 3G, WiFi and GPRS networks to try and locate your luggage in case it gets lost during transit. if you wish to have this high-tech luggage on your future trips, you can pre-order it on Kickstarter for $209 for the 20-inch model and $229 for the 26-inch one. It is expected to be available sometime in February of next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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