Skype to Integrate with HDTV

Skype on HD TV

Popular VoIP service Skype will soon be accessible not just on desktop computers, but also on television as it has established deals with both LG and Panasonic as future high-definition TVs will enable viewers to conduct free video calls with fellow Skype members. 

The move was seen as Skype’s step in competing against upcoming consumer video conference services from Cisco and Polycom.  At the same time, both Panasonic and LG are keen on encouraging consumers into replacing their old high-def televisions they have purchased years ago as they present slimmer TVs that are not only Internet-ready, but can also display images in 3D.

LG and Panasonic will have their upcoming Internet-enabled HD TVs embedded with Skype technology and will sell webcams with built-in microphones.  However, its functions have its limitations.  For instance, the TV show being played stops as the viewer receives or makes a Skype call.

While Panasonic will include Skype in its VT and G-series televisions, with screen sizes up to 65 inches, LG will provide Skype in its 26 new LCD and plasma screen TVs.  Both manufacturers are expected to show off their Skype-integrated HD TV sets at the upcoming CES 2010, while the service is expected to go live by the middle of 2010.

Image source:  Skype

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