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Skype and iPhone users, this one is for you. Skype is now available for iPhone. This allows you to call other Skype users, manage your contacts, and call out via SkypeOut. With the Skype for iPhone client, you can view calling and chat history. It also allows you to view and edit your account info.

You can download the Skype for iPhone fast and install it with much ease. Its simplicity and ease of use will give you good user experience. In fact, better than user experience of other Mobile VoIP client for Skype. Call quality also does not disappoint. It also allows you to share photos free of charge with other Skype members. And the best thing? It can dramatically reduce calling costs. Skype’s low rates apply if you make calls to mobiles or landlines.

On the downside, you cannot make calls by using your conventional mobile network without Internet. Instead, you need to access your Skype account by using a Wi-Fi network. Of course, this is an Apple/wireless carrier stuff. But it still sucks big time.

Conference calling, SMS messaging, file transfers, video, and voicemail retrieval are also absent from Skype’s native desktop functionality. In addition, you cannot purchase SkypeOut directly.

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