Sky Factory Virtual Windows

Technology can be a means to help fill in a need when it is rare and in great demand. And since nature and its wonderful and breathtaking views are becoming quite rare in an urban setting, technology may be able to offer quite interesting alternatives. One such alternative may be the Virtual Windows by Sky Factory.

The Sky Factory Virtual Windows can provide breathtaking views and landscapes where there is none. Having a nice window view, for example, can instantly transform a dull and dreary office or living space into a bright and lively. The Sky Factory Virtual Windows can provide such views where there is none.

The Sky Factory Virtual Windows work by providing photographic illusions of natural views that seemingly emanate from a series of window-like frames mounted on walls. These virtual windows are actually slim profile LED lighted displays containing high resolution photographic images of different natural scenic views. When mounted on bare walls, the Luminous Virtual Windows can provide some added illusion of depth and space. The set up for the Sky Factory Virtual Windows is available at their website. Although not stated, the price may depend on the level of installation required.

Image Source: Sky Factory

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