Skulpt Aim measures your muscle quality

Skulpt Aim

The bathroom scale is not the most ideal tool for people who lift weights because it says they are obese even though most of their weight is muscle. A startup aims to provide a tool that gives a whole new angle in your overall fitness profile.

The Skulpt Aim is the world’s first wireless gadget that measures the quality of your muscles and fat percentage. It has already exceeded its crowdsourcing goal on Indiegogo, garnering over $380,000 of pledges.

Measuring smaller than an iPhone, the Skulpt Aim is pressed against the skin on your biceps, triceps, abdominals or thighs. It determines body-fat percentages and muscle quality by measuring how a current flows within those muscles. The data is then collected and synced to an online dashboard, where users can easily monitor.

Skulpt Aim

“People often gain weight when they first start to exercise and get discouraged when in fact they’re losing fat and gaining muscle. This can be extremely frustrating,” Skulpt CEO Jose Bohorquez said in a statement. “Aim solves this problem by distinguishing muscle from fat in each part of your body, providing a much more accurate representation of your progress.”

The device is available for pre-order at $149, with shipping expected at around May.

Source: Mashable

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