Skeebloo, The App For Internet Addicts

SkeeblooAddiction comes in different forms. Some can be life threatening while some are not. But addiction in any form is not good. Take for example, internet addiction, Some people  become quite addiction to the online world that they begin to neglect other responsibilities just to spend hours and hours going through the Web. As an addiction, it can be quite difficult to stop without some help. If you wish to wean yourself away from your internet addiction, you can use Skeebloo.

Skeebloo is a software application that can block access to the internet on a Windows computer. It blocks a computer from access to LAN or WiFi on a set time period. You only need to set the timer and the Skeebloo will disable internet access. There is no way for anyone to cheat into gaining access until the timer is up. It is a good program for providing parental control for kids when it comes to internet usage. The application is also available for Android devices as well. There are two versions of the Skeeblo available. The strict version is available for $10, which provide lockout in 6- or 12-hour settings. The moderate version is available from $12, which offers 6 to 12 hour lockouts in 30-minute increments. Skeebloo is available at the Truetime Applications for you to check out.

Image Source: Truetime Applications

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