Sirius Stiletto 2 Portable Satellite Radio

Sirius Stiletto 2

With many gadgets coming up more frequently than ever, it may be difficult to keep track of them all. Some of these gadgets may gain some attention while some would merit only a single glance. But with all of them to consider makes up quite an exciting time for all the gadget lovers out there.

Gadgets that frequently get the most attention are those that offer people a unique kind of mobile entertainment feature. A portable audio entertainment gadget becomes an enticing product, especially if they offer a unique blend of features that gadget lovers would love. One gadget in mind would be the Sirius Stiletto 2 portable satellite radio.

The Sirius Stiletto 2 is a combination of a Sirius satellite radio receiver and an mp3 music library. This portable satellite radio device allows you to listen to live Sirius satellite radio available on hundreds of different channel selections. Users can also listen to their favorite channels on the Sirius network through wi-fi if the device can’t get hold on the satellite signal.

The Sirius Stiletto 2 also allows users to schedule recordings of their favorite Sirius satellite radio channels. This small device can store up to a hundred hours worth of programming that can be listened to later. The Sirius Stiletto 2 also allows users to store their favorite mp3’s and wma music files on the device. It also comes with an Micro SD expansion slot that can support an additional two Gigabytes worth of storage capacity. Extended battery life of the unit allows users to enjoy four hours of satellite radio listening, ten hours of listening through wi-fi and an incredible 20 hours of listening time for stored music. All these are reason enough to have this unique gadget given a second look.


Image Source: Sirius

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