Sirius Starmate 4 ST4TK1 Satellite Radio

sirius starmate 4 st4tk1

Seriously, satellite radio ups the ante and the Sirius Starmate 4 makes sure the chips are on their side. The most recent Starmate has over than 120 channels of digital-quality music, news, sports, and entertainment. It has the features of older Starmate releases, but its selling point is its ability to replay the last 44 minutes of whatever you are listening to.

The five-line backlit widescreen LCD makes sure you get to read the song and the artist and additional space for long titles. You could preset up to 30 stations and the kit comes with a power adapter, remote control, antenna, suction-cup mount, and car dock. The GameZone feature allows you to customize so that you could know when games of your favorite teams are on broadcast via GameAlert. The tuner has a clock and auto shutdown and sleep timer capabilities.

Some users, however, report of a consistent annoying hiss which compromises sound quality. Signal is reportedly weak where cars with satellite radio that pass by gets picked up by the component. Some find the inconvenience of working the plugs since the Starmate 4 is being rewound for a more universal compatibility, which ironically did not make it compatible with older models.

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